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It all starts from here. Create a new method to visualize the contemporary architecture and to make it immortal.
Thanks to the expertise of Valentina,
who has a degree in Urban and Architectural Design,
the specialty of Duosegno
is to realize visual narrative paths in which it is possible to discover spaces,
forms, lights, and uses of the project.
The architecture is the main character.


Necessary item for all the enterprises that pay attention to the communication and that strive to promote and divulge their brand everywhere.
Duosegno focus on the development of a storyboard that underlines the reliability and the quality of the company and its product.
Duosegno makes its own brand, it develops its visual identity and employs actors and translators from all over the world to ensure its divulgation.


Telling a story. The documentation feature
is developed through the emotional aspect
and the search for the photographic composition
of the images,
following a preliminary phase
of deep studying
and researching of the theme.
The purpose of these productions is
to inform, to stimulate and to evoke emotions.


Duosegno takes care of and follows many projects of Webcast videos (serials), perfect for specialized blogs, television dramas, and more.

Duosegno cooperates to the complete creation of the Webcast image, and to the communication and spread of the project, assuring a unique and professional production, thanks also to the graphic and audio support that it uses. Duosegno also offers the support for the construction of the web site.


Thanks to the experience and competence of Antonio,
who is a professional musician,
the approach to the Music video is a strong point of DUOSEGNO.
The knowledge of the musical genres,
of the different sounds, and of the vocal and instrumental techniques enables us to have a vision and a sound that are unique,
accompanied by a high quality audio support.



Duosegno is also involved in the creation of

self-produced short films and feature films as

Duosegno Portarit works.

A new documentary

project that wants to show artistic talents

who tell us their professional research,

a short documentary about the

creative process.

Stay tuned !


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