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First Duosegno Portarit work, a new documentary project that wants to show artistic talents who tell us their professional research.

The work of Fabrizio Carola, Italian architect from Naples, focuses on the recovery of the architectural model of traditional Mediterranean: arches, vaults and domes. His research is mainly in Africa with the recovery of the manufacturing technology of traditional Nubian compass. His research mainly develops in Africa with the recovery of the manufacturing technology of traditional Nubian compass.

With the development of this technology, Carola manages to create architectures that in addition to respect the place and its tradition, they effectively address the criteria of cost and speed of execution.

“… so, I modified the compass to obtain ogival domes , and a world of shapes and spaces was opened in front of me …”

The Kaedi Regional Hospital, in Mauritania, is definitely the representative work of his thought: “…a particulary shape is not a wired action of an architect, but a consequence of thinking …”. He is currently working to realize in Campania, San Potito Sannitico (EC), Italy, an experimental village for training and testing, entitled “NEAGORA’ 7 piazze”, School of Construction and DIY on the theory of curved structures, arches, vaults and domes.

More info on NEAGORA’ 7 piazze 


DIRECTED by Valentina Rocco



MUSIC  ( with permission of the composers )

“Le terre del fuoco” / LE TERRE DEL FUOCO / Vito Mercurio / 2005  Note Di Merito

“Free guys by the sea”  / DREAM ISLAND LAUGHING / Lucky Dragons / 2008 Marriage Records

“Mirror Friends” / DREAM ISLAND LAUGHING / Lucky Dragons / 2008 Marriage Records

“Pelle” / BURATTINI / Vito Mercurio / 2011 Note Di Merito


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© Aga Khan Award for Architecture

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